Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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If you run a website and are striving to get more visitors with the aim of generating leads or selling your products, you shouldn’t overlook Search Engine Optimisation. One of the most common questions we get asked is “why is my website not appearing on search results on Google” The answer is simply, without any form of SEO being carried out Google will simple not find your site for any of your businesses keywords. 

To achieve this you need to carry out SEO. This can be broken down into three key areas, these are Technical, On-Page and Off-Page. We will go into more detail below but if you want to find out more, we offer the chance to have a FREE No Obligation Audit where we look at these three key areas and will advise on what we have discovered and how we can address the issues that are stopping you from achieving your goals.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

So, you’ve invested in a brand new fully functional website to showcase your products and services, now it’s time to tell people about it!  PurpleWeb help businesses like yours increase visibility online with our expert SEO service.  We offer a fully managed SEO service focusing on the three main forms of SEO; Technical, On Page and Off Page and get great results from all three.  We’ve explained the different SEO strategies below, they can be used individually but they are extremely powerful when all three are used together.

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Technical SEO

Technical SEO as the name suggests incorporates optimising all technical elements of your website, like ensuring your site is secure, mobile friendly, and fast.  It also incorporates topics like duplicate content issues, creating XML sitemaps and structured data mark up. All these items are crucial in ensuring Google and other search engines can crawl your website effectively and therefore rank you favourably. 

Sounds complicated?  Well, that’s because it is, and it requires Technical SEO specialist knowledge to carry out this work and that’s where we come in.  At PurpleWeb we do this in our sleep, we pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge solutions and industry-leading technical expertise to drive real commercial value for our clients.

We regularly find customers with websites designed poorly or without a solid SEO strategy, so looking at technical SEO is usually our first point of call. 

On Page SEO and Keyword Research

On page SEO is extremely effective but can also be extremely time consuming so it’s important that you know exactly what you are doing and why.  Understanding what keywords you are optimising your on page content for, before you start this journey, is essential.

At PurpleWeb we have experts who understand exactly how to optimise your on-page content to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic for you in search engines.  We crawl your website and conduct an SEO audit.  We will work through your page titles and meta descriptions and ensure your HTML source code is optimised throughout your site, we provide text that is optimised with your chosen keywords and localised content. 

Off Page SEO

Performing both On-page and Technical SEO will make a huge difference to your search rankings but if you really want to beat your competition online, you should combine those tactics with Off-Page SEO.  This covers a whole range of tools including brand building, citation building, content marketing, link building and social media.  All of this will increase your site’s brand authority and thus push you higher up those all-important rankings.

We have a team who specialise in these tactics to guarantee your site will start rising up those pages.   

Still not convinced?

All my clients receive a fully comprehensive service that includes all elements of SEO that guarantees their site is more visible online.

Rank Checking Reports

Local Review Reports

Citation Building and Reports

Link Building

Social Media

Improved Website Traffic

More Conversions

More Sales

Get in touch for your FREE SEO audit now.  We will run a full analysis of your site and provide you with a comprehensive report outlining your existing online presence and where you sit with your competition and what we can do to help you rise up those rankings.

So What Will SEO Cost Me?

Our SEO pricing is based on the clients individual requirements. We base our pricing decisions on the industry of your business, the competition, your expectations and the work involved in achieving your goals.

Until we have carried out some investigations and had a fact finding conversation with any prospective clients we simply cannot give an accurate price for SEO. We do have a wide range of present customers all paying a variety of fees based on their individual needs. Rest assured after years of achieving fantastic results, we know what we are doing and are confident that we can give you a return on your investment. 

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